Access Control

Access control systems restrict who may enter a facility in specified areas. Entry can be determined by person, day of the week, and/or time of day.We designs and installs quality, facility-specific work that secures property entry and complements existing infrastructure.Upon request, Our analysts can provide policy recommendations for lobby site visitor administration as well.Access Control offers the capability to regulate access to spaces, systems, processes, and information. Access is granted on the basis of an authorization model or a combination of authorization models.Both employers and employees appreciate having a controlled door access system. This system is easy to use and involves either entering a code to get into your building or swiping a card. Even customers and clients will appreciate entering a building where there are access control systems installed.


Access Control Services

Attribute Based Access Control : Attribute based access control (ABAC) is a logical access control method based on attributes associated with the applicant, information, transaction and context of the request.
Public Key Infrastructure – Key Management Systems: Part of an EKMS can be the setup of a strong internal PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and the automation of certificate provisioning. This is because weak keys and key management determine the strength of security mechanisms that are using this.
Risk-based authentication: With risk-based authentication characteristics are identified and weighed that determine the minimum required means of authentication before a user with such characteristics receives access to the desired information.
Single Sign-On: The principle of Single Sign-On (SSO) is an instant authentication for a host of systems. A user needs to log on once, subsequently its credentials are automatically presented to applications that request it.
Web Access Management: Web Access Management is an architecture concept and technology stack allowing applications to request authentication and authorisation outside the application.

Access Control Services for Added Security

The peace of mind that access control services can bring is incredibly valuable. Additionally, today’s computerized systems are capable of protecting privacy. There are more and more laws being issued all the time regarding businesses and their responsibility towards other people’s privacy.There are many components of these systems and each of them can be laid out and installed perfectly to work just the way your employees do.They will appreciate the extra layer of protection provided to them on a daily basis while on the job. In the event of a security breach, your system will alert authorities and get the situation under control.While each building will have different needs, the main part of the system is the access control panel. This unit will get information from electrified door locks, keypads and card readers and permit entry only when it is authorized. You might also get a cloud-based component to make controlling and monitoring the entire system as easy as it can be.You can also expect to have your security service install card readers and provide your firm with employee cards for authorized entry. Systems can also be outfitted with sensors that allow exiting from the building when they detect a person standing beneath them.If you are ready to get an access control services in place you will want to work with a company that is a leader in this industry. They should have the proven experience to customize a whole system for you and install it.


Advantages of access control systems over lock-and-key security:-

  • Access command enables administrators to control when doors can be opened and by whom. With keys, access is all or nothing. If a worker has a key, he or she can enter any time of day or night
  • With card access, the system can disable a card when a card is lost or an individual no longer has entry privileges. If a key is lost or a staff member leaves, facility safety is compromised unless every lock is re-keyed.
  • Cards cannot be replicated. Keys can be duplicated, and there is no way to track who has a key
  • With accessibility command, one card opens every doorway the worker is enabled to open up. There’s no requirement for different keys for every lock

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